How Elderly Can Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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How to Help Seniors Prevent Noise-Enduced Hearing Loss in El Dorado, CA

About a third of seniors 65 to 74 have some degree of hearing loss, a number that climbs even higher beyond that age range. While many factors contribute to hearing loss, including genetics and injury to sensitive parts of the inner ear, exposure to loud or high-decibel noises can also result in hearing loss. It’s this type of hearing loss that can often be prevented in seniors. Here are a few tips from leading El Dorado County live-in caregivers.

1. Buy Devices with Low-Noise Ratings

Many of the electronic devices seniors use in their daily lives offer greater control over noise. Help your senior loved one choose devices specifically designed to minimize noise and increase sound clarity.

2. Wear Earplugs in Loud Environments

Whether it’s a particularly noisy outside event or unavoidable construction noise on a nearby street, the noise from loud environments can be reduced with comfortable earplugs. Properly fitting earplugs can reduce noise levels as much as 30 decibels.

3. Politely Request a Reduction in Noise

While not always possible, some places your senior loved one visits often, such as a local gym or a favorite restaurant, may be able to turn down noise from music systems or televisions. Even some movie theaters may make sound adjustments if you ask the manager.

4. Avoid Excessively Noisy Environments

When possible, avoid excessively noisy environments. Even going to restaurants or shopping centers during less busy hours can help minimize excessive background noise.

5. Remove Earwax Properly

Your senior loved one may start turning up the TV if they have accumulated earwax, sometimes to the point where the volume level poses a threat to their hearing. An at-home irrigation kit can be used to safely remove earwax.

Noises at or above 85 decibels can result in some degree of hearing impairment. If you suspect that your senior loved one may be experiencing hearing loss, schedule an appointment with an audiologist for an evaluation.

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