Parkinson’s Disease May Have a Unique Scent

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How Smell May Help Detect Parkinson's Disease in El Dorado, CA

According to El Dorado County senior home care professionals, several studies over the last few decades have focused on whether diseases like diabetes and cancer have a unique aroma. In fact, dogs have been trained to sniff out lung and breast cancer in tissue samples. Researchers are now investigating whether Parkinson’s disease can be diagnosed by smell after a retired nurse in Scotland claims to have detected the onset of Parkinson’s in her husband based on smell.

Joy Milne, a 65-year-old retired nurse, claims she noticed a subtle change in her husband’s smell shortly before his 40th birthday. Six years later, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and later died at the age of 65. While supporting the Parkinson’s UK charity, Milne noticed other people had the distinctive musky aroma she had noticed in her husband. After mentioning it to scientists during a discussion at the event, they tested her by presenting her with shirts worn by people with and without Parkinson’s.

According to one of the scientists, Milne correctly identified all six Parkinson’s patients based on the smell of their shirts, although she was insistent that one of the “control” subjects in the disease-free group had Parkinson’s as well. Eight months later, the control subject was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Scientists now have a theory that people with Parkinson’s experience a change in their sebum, the oily substance produced by the skin, early on. Parkinson’s UK is funding research to see if swabs can be used to detect Parkinson’s by a team of scent experts.

If a link is established between Parkinson’s and a unique aroma, it can make it easier to identify a disease that is already hard to diagnose. The only way to diagnose Parkinson’s today is to observe a patient for specific symptoms. Along with assisting with early diagnosis, establishing a unique aroma associated with Parkinson’s can make it easier to identify people for drug testing that may slow the progression.

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