Common Medical Conditions That Are Often Misdiagnosed

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How Medical Conditions Can Be Diagnosed Incorrectly in El Dorado Hills, CA

Though doctors do their best, El Dorado County caregivers should know that they occasionally misdiagnose certain medical conditions. If your senior loved one has one of these conditions, they have a higher risk of being improperly diagnosed by a doctor.

Heart Attacks

Heart attacks do not always feel like crushing pain, especially among senior women. They may just feel a little like indigestion or seem to be short of breath, so doctors may not realize when seniors are having a heart attack.


This mental health condition is common among seniors, but it is often confused with simple insomnia or anxiety. Without an extensive patient history, many doctors do not realize that their symptoms are abnormal.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease causes patients to have trouble digesting gluten, but the bowel complaints that frequently occur when gluten is eaten causes some doctors to misdiagnose a patient with irritable bowel syndrome or even GERD.

Thyroid Conditions

The thyroid is a tiny gland, but it produces hormones that control important metabolic processes. Random symptoms like temperature fluctuations, tremors, and weight changes can all be caused by thyroid conditions, but doctors often assume that there is another underlying cause.


Cancer can be difficult for a doctor to diagnose if he or she doesn’t properly evaluate a patient and examine his or her medical history. Breast cancer, sarcomas, lymphoma, and melanomas are the most commonly misdiagnosed types of cancer because they have such vague, widespread symptoms.


When a stroke is only a brief and temporary block in blood flow, the symptoms can happen too fast for a doctor to notice. However, any vision issues, headache, face paralysis, difficulty speaking, or lack of coordination is a sign for concern even if it goes away quickly.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is commonly spread through tick bites, and it can lie dormant for years before suddenly causing fatigue, pain, and fever. A doctor may not realize that a senior has Lyme disease if the tick bite happened a long time ago.

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