4 Ways Seniors Can Maintain a Healthy Liver

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How to Help Your Senior Loved One Maintain Liver Health in El Dorado, CA

The risk of liver damage increases dramatically after the age of 40. Thankfully, there are ways to improve liver health. Seniors can use the following tips suggested by leading El Dorado County home care agency, Home Care Assistance.

1. Eat Detoxifying Foods

Lemons help convert toxins and stimulate enzyme release. The high content of vitamin C in lemons also boosts glutathione production–glutathione is an antioxidant that the liver requires to detox the body. The vitamin C in lemons also thins bile, which lessens the workload on the liver while it breaks down fats. Other detoxifying foods include garlic, broccoli sprouts, apples, beets and leafy green vegetables.

2. Use Purifying Herbs

Turmeric contains a high level of curcumin, a compound that combats liver cancer, improves liver fibroids, and maintains overall liver health. Scientists have found that turmeric has even regenerated the livers of lab rats with diabetes. Other herbs that enhance liver health include artichoke, milk thistle, burdock root and dandelion.

3. Avoid Harmful Products

Dairy, vegetable oils, animal meat and butter contain fats that cause sluggish liver function while the liver has to work harder to process caffeine, sugar, refined flour products, GMO foods, and alcohol. Avoid airborne chemicals as well as harmful minerals found in drinking water by using faucet filters and air purifiers to ease the filtering process controlled by the liver, and be sure to take prescription medications only when necessary to avoid damaging the liver more than necessary.

4. Exercise Regularly

Moderate cardiovascular and light strength training reduces body fat and improves the immune system, which ultimately means improved liver health. Performing exercises that focus on the liver itself, such as gently pressing and rubbing under the ribs or sitting upright and turning the trunk from left to right with palms on the lower belly, to promote activity in the liver.

Learn more about promoting elderly health from the friendly and experienced staff at Home Care Assistance. Our expertly trained caregivers in El Dorado County prepare nutritious meals, assist with regular physical activity, and provide mental stimulation to help clients maintain cognitive acuity. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (916) 358-3801 today.


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