Is Senior Home Care Worth the Cost?

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At some point, adult children will have to make difficult decisions about how to care for their parents as they age. While there are many options such as retirement communities and assisted living facilities, many seniors prefer in-home care. However, because home care is such a personalized service, families are often concerned about the costs. Today, Home Care Assistance of El Dorado Hills encourages you to consider the following if you find yourself wondering if home care is worth the cost.

Financial Costs

On average, the cost for assisted living is between $2,300 a month to $7,000 a month. This monthly amount also doesn’t include the cost of admission, which is typically charged on a yearly basis. If the individual being cared for is living with an advanced condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, that price can rise by as much as $1,150. Home care, on the other hand, requires you to pay only for the amount of care your loved one needs.  For instance, if your loved one only needs part-time care in El Dorado Hills, they can schedule a caregiver on an as-needed basis, only required to pay for the hours in which the caregiver is present. There are no hidden fees.

Emotional Costs

When it comes to care for an aging parent, financial costs are not the only things that must be considered. The emotional costs of seniors having to relocate to a new environment can be devastating. For seniors, such a move can cause increased stress and anxiety as they are forced to leave their familiar surroundings. Home care means seniors are able to have all of the comforts of home. They are able to enjoy the same rocking chair they have had for years and sleep in their own bed at night. They can have friends and family stop by, maintain an active social calendar, and feel secure knowing they are in a familiar environment.

Physical Costs

At assisted living facilities and nursing homes, care is not provided on a one-to-one basis. Because of this, seniors can sometimes fail to thrive as they do not receive the assistance they need to remain active. Home care helps to instill feelings of independence and confidence as caregivers assist when necessary, while still encouraging the senior to do as much as possible on their own. And because the senior is still in their own home, they control how and when things are done and are able to maintain their regular routines. Click here to learn more about assistance provided by professional in-home caregivers in El Dorado Hills.

How to Learn More about Home Care

Choosing whether or not to provide home care for an aging parent is never easy. However, when considering how all of these above contribute to our loved one’s having a happy and more meaningful life, it becomes easy to see why home care is worth the cost. For more information about home care provided by Home Care Assistance of El Dorado, please contact a Care Manager at (916) 358-3801.


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