The Benefits of Routine for Elderly with Alzheimer’s

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The Benefits of Routines for Seniors with Alzheimer's in El Dorado, CA

Alzheimer’s disease causes memory loss and confusion that can disrupt a senior’s day as he or she struggles to remember the activities and tasks that must come next. For this reason, caregivers in El Dorado County often develop and implement routines that can provide structure to a senior’s day. In addition to easing the transitions from one activity to the next, having a routine can provide the following benefits for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Reduced Anxiety

The memory lapses associated with Alzheimer’s disease can lead to anxiety for seniors who may worry about getting their next meal or when they will bathe. Seniors who live by a routine, however, benefit from the predictability it provides so that they can move throughout their day with confidence and comfort. 

Maintained Functioning

Any activity that is repeated each day is more likely to be remembered by a senior with Alzheimer’s. Although it may seem repetitive to perform tasks in the same order each day, home care providers in El Dorado County notes that this practice helps those with Alzheimer’s preserve their current abilities.

Increased Independence

When seniors perform tasks on a regular basis, they develop the confidence to attempt to perform them independently. Simple activities such as folding their clothes or helping to clear dishes from the table are important for fostering self-esteem in those who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. 

Decreased Caregiver Stress

The daily interruptions that occur when caring for a senior with Alzheimer’s can add up to serious stress for caregivers, but routines can help streamline the day, provide organization for the caregiver, and help allay challenging behaviors in seniors with dementia. Additionally, routines can help families with more than one Alzheimer’s caregiver ensure there is continuity in their loved one’s care.

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