Charming Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Make with Your Senior Loved One

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Great Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Make with an Elderly Loved One in El Dorado Hills, CA

Thanksgiving Day need not be the only time that family members and El Dorado County home caregivers gather with their senior loved ones. Include an elderly parent in the holiday preparations by creating one of these festive centerpieces together. 

Artistic Wreath

Buy a grapevine or magnolia wreath. Decorate the frame with a combination of artificial and real leaves, berries, nuts, seedpods and twigs. Select a few candles of varying heights to put in the center of the wreath to light when dinner is ready. 

Au Naturale

Choose a pumpkin for the center of the table and hollow the squash. Line the bottom interior with one or more blocks of wet floral foam. Place a tall pillar candle in the center of the foam. Surround the candle with fall flowers, berries and greens. 

Elevated Centerpiece

Cover the top of an elevated cake stand with an array of cornhusks. Top the husks with colorful gourds, fall-colored leaves and ornamental corns. 

Fall Harvest

Place a tall block of dry floral foam on a plate or platter. Insert wheat stalks around the outer edge of the foam to create a sunburst pattern. Top the foam with an array of ornamental corncobs of varying sizes. 

Festive Table Runner

Start with a piece of burlap or similar type fabric cut to extend over the length of the table. In the middle of the fabric, glue contrasting ribbons. On either side of the ribbons, arrange greenery, small gourds or pumpkins, cranberries, acorns and pinecones. 

Flowerless Bouquet

Fill a tall, clear glass vase at least halfway with birdseed. Arrange fall-colored feathers, green Hypericum berries and wheat stalks in the vase. The seeds provide ample support for the arrangement. 

Fragrant Setting

Position an array of pillar candles along the middle of the table. Surround the candles with fresh evergreen branches, clementines or tangerines and pinecones. 

Pumpkin Bouquets

El Dorado County live-in home caregivers can remove the top and hollow the inside of one or more white Lumina pumpkins. Insert wet floral foam. Create a multi-level display using cattails, fall-colored leaves, greenery, orange and yellow flowers and seasonal berries.

Turn to Home Care Assistance of El Dorado County for more ideas to keep your loved one socially engaged during the holidays. We provide reliable elder home care El Dorado County, CA, families can trust to help seniors flourish not just during the holidays, but any day of the year. Call (916) 358-3801 today to learn more about our services and how they benefit our clients.  


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