How to Stay Safe as the Temperatures Rise

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Summer days are brimming with outdoor opportunities and plenty of sunny rays. Keeping a few safety tips in mind as you enjoy summer with your elderly loved one will ensure you both make the most of the longer days. Read on for some practical summertime advice from a leading provider of home care in El Dorado County.

1. Exercise Indoors

Gentle exercise is important for seniors, so don’t let summer heat put a halt on exercising. While your elderly loved one can still enjoy some time outdoors during the hottest months, try to explore indoor, air-conditioned exercising opportunities. There are many fitness and aquatic centers that cater to older adults, and some even have extras such as healthy monthly luncheons for an added social incentive. 

2. Wear Lightweight Fabrics and Light Colors

Even if your elderly loved one gravitates toward heavy or dark colored clothing options, take time before summer starts to bring cotton fabrics and light colors to the forefront of the closet. Linen fabric is another great summer option. Also be sure that clothing is loose and breathable.

3. Protect Vision

Senior eyesight can be fragile, so when outdoors, choose hats wisely. Look for a hat that not only shields the eyes, but also provides plenty of ventilation. Some hats feature neck capes that can easily be removed. Also choose sunglasses with additional wraparound coverage and durability, and try to keep an extra pair on hand.

4. Prevent Falls

Even though summer is associated with flip-flops, ensure that your loved one sticks with sturdy shoes instead. While they may not be the coolest option, they are very sensible and can help prevent trips and falls. If your loved one complains of sweaty or hot feet after time outdoors, treat them to a foot dip or soak in cool water. 

5. Keep the Living Space Cool

In addition to using air conditioning for your elderly loved one, check window caulking to make sure that cool air is being utilized to the maximum. If the living area still feels too warm, raise and lower blinds strategically per sun exposure. Consider installing room-darkening shades as well.

Use sound judgment and your senior loved one can anticipate an enjoyable and safe summer season. No matter how hot it gets, there are always ways to keep cool. The main priority is to remain attentive to your special senior and put your summer safety plan into action.

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