Asthma Care for Seniors

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How to Care for Seniors with Asthma in El Dorado, CA

Seniors who experience shortness of breath or wheeze and whistle when they breathe may have asthma. Asthma is a chronic disease that, when triggered, causes the airways to inflame, swell, and narrow. Extra mucus is produced during an attack, making breathing difficult. Special care is needed for older adults who live everyday with asthma.

1. Natural Remedies

Asthma management plans should include holistic options whenever possible to avoid complications with other prescribed medications. A natural approach concentrates on reducing allergic exposures, illuminating food allergies, and reducing muscle spasms in the airways. Solutions include air purifiers to reduce airborne particles, testing for food allergies, and using magnesium supplements or green tea to reduce spasms.

2. Track Attacks

Seniors and their caregivers in El Dorado County need to keep track of what triggered the attack and the treatment that worked to alleviate it. A daily diary detailing everything leading up to and after an asthma attack is recommended to ensure an accurate report is made that can be taken to the doctor to ensure a correct diagnosis and the best possible treatment.

3. Doctor Visits

Regular visits to the doctor are a vital part of an asthma management plan for seniors. Even those with only mild symptoms need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure proper treatment. Seniors with mild asthma will want to visit the doctor at least yearly, while quarterly visits are recommended for seniors who experience moderate attacks. Learning how to manage a senior’s asthma symptoms either through holistic practices or prescribed medication is essential for a healthy life.

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