How to Communicate with Your Loved One’s Medical Staff

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If your aging parent or loved one is currently recovering in a hospital setting, learning how to communicate effectively with his or her medical staff is one of the most useful tools you can acquire. The process will likely lead to greater efficiency and decreased stress related to your role as caregiver.

Before beginning, it’s important for you and other family members to elect a single person to be the primary contact in medical matters. This will streamline communication, and decrease potential confusion in the future. Rather than contacting multiple people, or fielding the same questions from several persons, the physician will be able to spend more time concentrating on his or her work. After selecting the person who will act as family liaison, the other family members will know who to contact with their medical concerns and information can be transmitted smoothly among interested parties.

Another useful tip is to keep records of your loved one’s progress. This can involve any vital sign or weight readings he or she may have had in the past. Sometimes the doctor can note a trend or get an idea of where your loved one’s base-line is, which is valuable information. If you are unable to be with your loved one at the hospital at all times, consider help from an El Dorado Hills part-time caregiver. These individuals can not only monitor your loved one to ensure safety and comfort, they are trained in how to effectively communicate with medical staff. Other items to organize: a list of prescriptions (covering dose, route, and frequency), insurance information, and documents pertaining to power-of-attorney and a living will.

As you provide information to the doctor, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes in the hospital the doctor may not know whether your insurance covers a specific service outside of the hospital, but he or she can consult with someone who can help you get things such as El Dorado Hills home care prepared. If you have several questions you need answered, you can always ask for a consultation appointment. Sometimes the doctor doesn’t have time to answer a lot of questions immediately, but will be able to meet with you later.

With these tips in mind, try to remember that your loved one’s doctors and nurses are on the same team as your family. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated and look for someone to blame during stressful periods. This is normal, and the healthy way to deal with this is to take some time for yourself to handle the stress and go through the emotions.
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