4 Gifts to Give to Family Caregivers This Christmas

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4 Great Christmas Gifts to Give to a Family Caregiver in El Dorado Hills, CA

Family caregivers in El Dorado County spend a lot of time and energy taking care of seniors. They are often the first one up in the morning and the last one to bed at night. Many meet demands of full-time jobs or their own families while taking care of the senior loved ones. This holiday season, take some time to give a thoughtful gift to the family caregiver. Here are four ideas to get you started.

1. Your Time

Live-in El Dorado County caregivers often get stressed because they simply do not have the time to complete all the tasks that are asked of them each day. Therefore, offer to give them some of your time. Ideally, the caregiver will spend this time doing something that they enjoy, but even if they do not, then the caregiver can take more time completing the tasks that they must still complete.

2. Your Expertise

Without being bossy, offer to help the family caregiver with a task where you are an expert. For instance, if you know how to prepare taxes, then offer to do the family caregiver’s for free. If you know how to landscape, then offer your landscaping services or if you are a carpenter then complete the honey-do list.

3. Clean the Caregiver’s Home

The caregiver often never finds the time to care for their own home, as they are too busy looking after the senior. Therefore, pay a professional to clean the caregiver’s home. You can even do this yourself, and simply wrap a certificate to put under the tree.

4. Prepare a Meal

There are many different ways that you can give the gift of food. Most restaurants offer gift certificates, so giving one to the caregiver’s favorite is a thoughtful easy gift. Alternatively, prepare a meal and take it to the caregiver’s home. Even a simple loaf of homemade bread or a special cake can be a very thoughtful gift if you cannot afford to do a whole meal.

Family caregivers spend hours neglecting their own needs to take care of the needs of their senior loved ones. Show your appreciation by giving one of these thoughtful gifts this year. You might also recommend respite home care in El Dorado County for the caregiver in your life. Contact Home Care Assistance at (916) 358-3801 today to learn more about our services and give the gift of in-home care this holiday season.


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