The Link between High Blood Sugar and Cancer

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The Relationship Between High Blood Sugar and Cancer in El Dorado, CA

High blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, is often described as an excess of sugar–or glucose–in the blood. Many researchers believe that sugar can literally feed the growth of cancer. Although no definitive connection between the two has been established yet, the following information provided by El Dorado County Home Care Assistance highlights the growing body of evidence supporting a link between them.

Sugar and Carbohydrates

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that is broken down inside the intestine and absorbed into the blood. This increases the blood sugar levels, triggering a response from the pancreas that releases insulin. Sugar feeds all the cells in the body, including cancer cells.

High Insulin Levels

Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between higher insulin levels and the increase of cancer cells. Cancer cells have insulin receptors whose job it is to promote growth. Elevated glucose levels create insulin resistance, which causes the body to make more to counter the spike in blood sugar.

Diet and Processed Foods

The body uses sugar to keep its vital organs functioning normally, but the key is balance. The American Heart Association recommends women have no more than six teaspoons of sugar per day and men no more than nine to help keep cancer at bay.

Many processed foods contain a large amount of sugar. Avoiding processed meats, soda pop, and refined sugars helps keep blood sugar levels from spiking. There is much to be learned about what causes cancer but one thing is for sure, avoiding excess sugar is a healthy choice.

Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index measures the effect of certain carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. It is a way to distinguish the good carbs from the bad and keep the blood sugar levels steady. The Glycemic Index puts a number on how fast the body converts carbs into glucose. Using this tool when grocery shopping or preparing meals is one way people can better manage their blood sugar.

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