Why Seniors Should Switch to a Mediterranean Diet

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Adnatages of Switiching to Mediterranean Diet El Dorado, CA

A Mediterranean diet refers to traditional cuisine of Spain, Italy, Greece and some parts of the Balkans. This healthy diet consists mostly of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, seafood and goat cheese. Fish and poultry are the most common meats used in a Mediterranean diet. Here is why many El Dorado County, CA, elderly care professionals recommend it for seniors.

Cardiovascular Health

Olive oil, olives and avocados are important ingredients in Mediterranean dishes. Seafood platters include sardines, tuna, herring and mackerel. Such food is rich in unsaturated fat such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These complex compounds can improve heart health and reduce inflammation all over the body. 


Greek salads consist of leafy greens and other fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions. These ingredients are loaded with dietary fiber that enhances digestion and prevents problems like constipation. Consisting of crushed bulgur, parsley, mint and tomatoes, tabbouleh is another popular salad that’s derived from some parts of the Mediterranean region and Middle East.


In Greece and its neighboring countries, goat milk is often used to make organic yogurt, tzatziki sauce and feta cheese. In Italy, ricotta cheese is sometimes made from the milk of goats as well as cows and sheep. Such dairy products are loaded with probiotics and proteins that stimulate proper bowel movements and prevent common problems like upset stomach.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Since ancient times, red wine has been enjoyed in feasts throughout the Mediterranean region. Modern scientific research suggests that this beverage can lower blood pressure. Seniors should drink red wine in moderation in order to reap its benefits without absorbing too much alcoholic content.


Hummus and tahini are traditional Mediterranean dips that can be enjoyed with crackers, bread, pita and even bagels. Seniors with mobility problems can easily enjoy such dishes without making a mess on the table. Soft in texture and loaded with healthy nutrients, peeled almonds are some other popular Mediterranean snacks that are ideal for senior citizens. 

To help your loved one maintain a stable and nutritious diet, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our reliable hourly and live-in El Dorado County, CA, caregivers will work with your loved one to establish a balanced routine that consists of healthy diet and daily exercise to promote vitality and longevity. Call (916) 358-3801 today to set up a consultation with an experienced Care Manager.


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