5 Ways Elderly Can Alleviate Arthritis Symptoms

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Ways of Reducing Arthritis Pain for Seniors

According to the CDC, more than 50 million adults in the U.S. have arthritis and experience common symptoms like swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and pain in and around the joint area. At El Dorado Hills Home Care Assistance, we have found our clients successfully reduce the effects of arthritis on a mental and physical level by following a daily pain management plan that includes some or all of the following.

1. Stretching

Stretching is a good way for seniors with arthritis to ease painful symptoms. Simple stretches each morning like neck rolls, shoulder shrugs, knee-to-back stretches, and knee extensions will help combat joint pain throughout the day while keeping joints flexible and functional.

2. Relaxation Techniques

Managing arthritis pain is a challenge and can be very stressful on both the mind and body. Seniors who use relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and positive self-talk have shown great improvement on the pain management scale.

3. Staying Active

Movement alone can seem daunting to seniors who have arthritis but moving actually helps ease the pain. Exercise helps seniors lose weight, strengthen the muscles around the joints, and improve range of motion. Low-impact exercises like walking, Pilates, and yoga are great for seniors who want to begin a new exercise regimen or who want to remain active.

4. Medication

A doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug based on a senior’s level of discomfort and pain, or seniors may wish to try over-the-counter products designed to relieve arthritis symptoms. Talking to a doctor about medication side effects and drug interactions is advised before taking any type of medication.

5. Nature’s Way

Many people choose to follow a more holistic approach to arthritis management, including hot and cold therapy, acupuncture, eating a healthy diet, and herbal supplements. Exploring natural remedies and treatments is becoming a more popular choice for many of today’s seniors who are looking to relieve arthritis pain without the use of medication.

Daily activities like running errands, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning can be difficult for seniors with arthritis. An hourly caregiver from Home Care Assistance can help your loved one with the above activities, as well as physical support during exercise, medication reminders, and transportation. To learn more about our care services or to find a compassionate and trained El Dorado Hills caregiver to help your loved one, call a friendly Care Manager at (916) 358-3801 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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