Dos and Don’ts of Alzheimer’s Home Care

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Conditions for Alzheimer's home care in El Dorado, CA

If you are an Alzheimer’s caregiver in El Dorado County, then you may find yourself feeling frustrated from time to time. Your senior loved one’s behaviors may not make much sense to you. He or she may try to argue with you, or you feel like there’s not enough time to do things around the house. To help you overcome these problems, here are important dos and don’ts to remember.

Pay Attention to What Works

Trying many different techniques is a great way to help find out what works. When you do find something that works, make a note of the technique that you used because you will want to try that method again.

Use Distraction

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often become combative. They may yell or cry and make you feel helpless. Instead of trying to approach the senior about the behavior on a logical level, simply distract him or her. Many different things work as distractions including music, starting a new activity or doing something surprising.

Plan Fun

Being an El Dorado County dementia or Alzheimer’s caregiver can easily become all about meeting basic needs such as showering or eating. Make a schedule so that you can set aside time each week for some fun. The senior may look forward to doing something different, and it is a great way to avoid caregiver burnout.

Don’t Engage in Arguments

The senior with Alzheimer’s usually is no longer rational. Therefore, do not try to explain things to him or her in a logical way. The senior is unable to understand and you will only frustrate yourself. Instead, try diverting the senior’s attention to a different activity.

Don’t Take It Personally

While the senior may yell or argue with you, do not take it personally. Remember that the disease makes it difficult for your loved one to communicate properly. He or she is not really angry at you. Make sure to take breaks and ask for help so you can rest while your loved one is taken care of.

Taking care of a senior with Alzheimer’s can be physically, emotionally and physically draining. Turn to Home Care Assistance to get the flexible live-in or hourly Alzheimer’s home care El Dorado County seniors need to age in place with dignity while their family caregiver get the peace of mind they deserve. Call (916) 358-3801 today to set up a free consultation and learn more about our premier services.


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